Ah, cats. We love them for a couple of reasons. The first is because they’re so cute! How can you not love those itty-bitty little faces, the fluffy tails, and the tiny jelly bean toes? It’s basically impossible.

Of course, the second reason we love them is they’re just so weird. If you didn’t grow up around cats, you probably had a few experiences as an adult when you finally encountered one and wondered what the heck they were doing.

They run from room to room like they’re possessed. They sit in any container they can find (except their expensive cat bed). They make the strangest sounds, especially when they see birds or squirrels, and they bend in ways that shouldn’t be physically possible.

But with all their weirdness, cats know they’re awesome. They don’t care that we laugh at how cute or goofy they are. They think they’re amazing.

And of course, if there is a table available, they’ll sit on it. More accurately, they’ll sit, lay, sprawl, loll, and clean themselves on it. And if it’s a glass table, kitty tower, window, or skylight, you get to see some sights like these. Be prepared for lots of belly fluff.