A new species of animal has been discovered. You may have already heard of the duck-billed platypus (and if not, you should look it up!), but have you heard of the platyPUP?

This special breed of dog has a bill, just like a platypus – it’s just a little less…natural. In fact, it’s a shoe. It’s a dog with its face in a shoe.

We know dogs love shoes, but that “love” is usually expressed with a bit of aggression. When puppies chew your footwear it’s usually just because they’re just sitting there on the floor and readily available – and they need to chew on something to keep from getting bored.

Dogs also have a keen sense of smell – which you think might keep them away from your shoes most of the time. But the truth is, however, that your shoes smell like “you.” It might not be the part of you that you’re most fond of smelling, but to your dog, it really doesn’t matter.

So when a dog falls asleep near, on, and even IN shoes, that means they want to be closer to you.

Or, they’re turning into a platypup.

That’s certainly the case for these 50 furry friends.