Ahh, yoga. What started out as a form of meditation in certain parts of the East became a healthy and gentle form of exercise for people all over the world. We love our yoga — and our yoga pants. Its relaxing stretches are a great way for people to get some exercise even if they hate traditional cardio workouts.

If you’ve never done yoga, you might be surprised to find out just how challenging it is! Even those beginning stretches can get your blood pumping. And of course, not all of us are blessed with natural flexibility — some of us are quite the opposite.

However, yoga isn’t just for humans. If you don’t believe that, take a quick look around the internet. You’ll find all kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, monkeys, horses, and goats doing the moves the rest of do in a studio. And the best part? Some of them do it flawlessly.

It’s only natural that man’s best friend would be great at yoga. After all, one of the basic yoga stretches is called “downward dog.” The best part about all of this is getting to exercise with your best friend — and seeing how cute they are while doing it!