We love our pets. They’re so cute and fluffy, with their soft bellies and big, silly paws. It’s no wonder that now with cameras in our phones, we take tons of pictures of our furry friends. The result is sometimes adorable. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not so good.

And then, of course, sometimes it’s so hilariously bad that there’s nothing to do but post it on the internet for everyone to laugh at.

Don’t be mistaken, we still love our pets during their more awkward moments. If anything, they probably make us love them more. Who doesn’t love seeing a photo of a cat trying to be dignified as it falls off a table or a dog face planting as it runs across a yard?

Call it a baser instinct, but for some reason, when our pets take bad photos, we just can’t get enough of it. Whatever the reason, we’ll never stop loving them at their weirdest, ugliest, or most awkward moments.

These 30 animals are having a rough go of it. Some of them got caught at a bad camera angle Some of them had their most awkward moment caught. And some of them were discovered being the little weirdos that they secretly are.