Hair is there to protect us. From whispy strands to fur to spikes, that outer layer of “fuzz” on humans and other animals is much more than just style statement. Even your nose hair is important (it helps trap germs, for example)!

For animals, their hair, fur, whiskers, etc. serve many functions – protection from the sun, helping to seal in warmth when it’s cold, allowing them to “feel” around, keeping their underlayer of skin dry, and even serving as camouflage. It’s a real disadvantage to go without.

Genetic mutations, alopecia, injuries, stress, and other life events can all cause animals to be rendered “bald.” And while some of them are perfectly fine that way, others suffer.

But one thing is for sure, it’s hard to recognize normally furry creatures without their fur!

We’ve found over 25 that will no doubt surprise you.