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This “As Seen on TV” product does exactly what it claims, helping dog lovers get the perfect selfie with their pooch. The Pooch Selfie is a squeaker tennis ball that clips right onto a phone case to put the dog’s attention in the direction of the camera. Dog lovers can use it with either the front- or rear-facing camera. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Buy Now – $9.99

Holiday shopping is hard. There are a lot of gifts to buy — and you want to make sure yours are unique and meaningful. On top of that, some people seem to already have everything.

If you have a dog owner on your holiday shopping list, your first thought might be to buy them something they can enjoy with their furry friend. But finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy. You don’t just want to buy them another dog sweater or chew rope. You want to get them something special and fun.

You might think there are a limited number of options for unique pet toys. But with help from the internet, there’s no end to the ways you can make the holidays special for someone else’s pet. Whether your friend or family member has a highly active, rough-and-tumble puppy or a senior dog that’s beginning to slow down, online stores have some great options for every canine around. Plus, online shopping makes it easy to compare prices and options to decide on the perfect gift for the dog you have in mind.

Here are 35+ pet gift ideas that are perfect for the animal lover in your life that are both adorable and useful.