100-year-old woman finds ‘perfect match’ in 11-year-old senior chihuahua
Johanna Carrington's life is complete again now that she has a new furry friend in her home.
D.G. Sciortino

Johanna Carrington didn’t get the chance to have a dog while growing up in war-torn Germany.

So, the centenarian made sure to fill the rest of her years with lots of four-legged friends.

At one time, she and her late husband had eight Pekingese dogs. So, Carrington was a little concerned after her most recent dog Rocky passed away, leaving her alone in her home without a companion.

She wasn’t sure if the shelter would allow someone of her age to adopt another dog. A neighbor, who volunteers with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, thought her rescue might be able to help.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue felt that Carrington was the perfect candidate for one of their dogs who are also advanced in age.

Carrington ended up adopting an 11-year-old dog name Gnocchi, who she renamed Gucci.

Gucci was rescued from a hoarding situation where the owner lived with 22 dogs.

So, Gucci was more than happy to be the only pampered pooch in his home.

Carrington’s caretaker, Eddie Martinez, and her daughter, Debbie Carrington, promised to make sure that Gucci goes on daily walks and that all his needs are taken care of.

“Johanna has loved dogs her entire life, and this 100-year-old inspiration just adopted her next lucky dog to the family. Sweet GNOCCHI gets to celebrate his golden years in his wonderful new home in Moss Beach with his mom. With a little help from her wonderful daughter Debbie, and having come to Muttville on the advice of her friend and neighbor, Christine, we were thrilled to help match these two fabulous seniors together. That smile says it all!” Muttville Senior Dog Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Gucci reportedly immediately got cozy in his new home when his foster parents drove him to meet Carrington.

“He came to the house like he’d been here before. It was remarkable,” Carrington said. “He saw me sitting on my chair, jumped up on me and sat on my lap. He made himself very, very comfortable. He was just our baby right away.”

Gucci is now living the life of a pampered pooch with “oodles and oodles” of toys that he loves to play fetch with.

Gucci gets daily back massages while he watches TV with his new mom.

Mom also doesn’t mind it when Gucci burrows into her blankets in bed so he can make himself an extra cozy spot to lay in.

“After she lost her other dog, it was kind of sad here,” Debbie Carrington told TODAY. “It was quiet and sad, and then Gucci brought joy into the house. Laughing about him running around and doing funny things, and then also him sleeping on her lap with her while she’s in her recliner or sleeping in her bed, it’s just making her very happy.”

Carrington and Gucci are hoping to do something extra special to celebrate Carrington’s 101st birthday in December.

She says that having pets is what has helped her to live a long and healthy life.

“Animals bring so much happiness in our home,” she said. “It’s unbelievable.”

That’s not just Carrington’s opinion… it’s a scientific fact.

“Research has shown that pet ownership and human-animal interaction can provide important forms of social and emotional support for older adults that can encourage routines of daily living, reduce loneliness and improve overall quality of life,” Steven Feldman, president of the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, said.

Learn more about the work that Muttville Senior Dog Rescue below.

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