Cat is born with two-legs, but leaves rescuers in awe with what he can do

May 2nd, 2017

This remarkable little kitty is called Rocket. Aptly named for his skill, determination, and energy – Rocket has continued to stun his new owners with his impressive feats.

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He was born without hind legs, but even at jut a few weeks old Rocket has already adjusted to his condition and has begun walking despite his obvious impairment.

He is a cat that has truly not let anything stop him from living a normal life with his loving family.

Mareen is Rocket’s mom and together they live in Berlin, Germany. She was feeding stray cats when he caught her attention.

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“He was born with two legs. The first day I saw him, he was probably a few weeks old and very shy,” said Mareen.

She tried to approach him but he was very scared and ran away immediately.

Each time she saw him she would try to lure him in with more food and each time Rocket grew more and braver, warming up to her very slowly. Eventually, she was able to build a relationship with him and decided to bring him home.

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While the first night was a bit of a struggle for Rocket, he adjusted to family life relatively easily.

“He meowed all night long, but I kept him company and talked to him,” said Mareen.

It only took a few days for Rocket to accept his new surroundings, grow accustomed to affection and come out of his shell.

“He followed me everywhere, and also purred all the time,” said Mareen. He’s even begun sleeping with his new owners in their bed, snuggling with them every night.

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His owners are constantly stunned by how easily he is able to get around despite his impairment. His walking is heavily dependent on balance, and he uses his tail as leverage.

“He was great from the beginning with only two legs,” said Mareen. He is even said to be faster than some of the other kittens, and certainly, has more energy than the others.

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“He is perfectly capable of climbing, jumping and running,” said Mareen. “He is a little fighter and cheeky to the other cats, but they come along very well.”

Rocket is due to have his first birthday very soon. This two-legged miracle cat never stops playing, cuddling and impressive his owners with his fantastic energy and big heart.

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