Security Camera Captures Toddler And Kitty’s Adorable Conversation

February 6th, 2020

Sure you’ve heard of the “horse whisperer”, the award-winning film by Robert Redford, but have you ever heard of the cat whisperer?

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Well, this boy from Pickerington, Ohio, seems to possess special powers- one of them is that he’s able to talk with cats- or at least their family cat.

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The funny incident occurred last fall, when the boy’s parents put him to sleep- or at least that’s what they thought he was going to do.

“We had just put our 18-month-old son down to sleep for the night, and shut the door to his room, or so we thought. Our cat pushed the door open to say “goodnight” as well,” the toddler’s parents said.

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Just when the couple thought that their kid was ready to sleep, they were surprised to hear noise from the baby monitor. They looked at the screen and saw the cat having a little chat with their boy.

The cat at first approaches the crib and seems to be saying “goodnight” to the little one. However, the toddler doesn’t feel like sleeping, he’d much rather have a conversation with his feline bestie. The cat doesn’t want to let him down, so she moves closer to him. The boy can be heard “meowing” clearly.

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Then the kitty decides that the distance between them is too much, so she jumps on the chair beside the crib, so she can have a better view of him and he can have a better view of her too.

They go on chatting casually as if this is perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, after a while, the parents decided to remove the cat from their son’s bedroom so he could sleep without any further distractions, but that sounds a little unfair, doesn’t it?

Maybe the kitty and the boy were playing a game, or maybe they were discussing their day, or exchanging opinions on a very serious topic. Kind of improbable, right?


Well, much as one may think that all of this is nonsense, and while they may be tempted to say that the cat wasn’t really talking to the child- guess what, they’re wrong!

Cats do try to communicate with us through their meowing.

Actually, feline behavior counselor, Adi Hovav, has suggested that “the meow is something felines have learned to do when training… I mean interacting with people.”

What experts have also been able to decipher is the messages cats want to send, and how that relates to their meowing. It seems that a quick meow is a greeting, while a drawn-out meow is a demand for something. Low-pitch meows equal complaints and high-pitch meows mean your cat is angry or in pain.

Now, what about this specific video? The cat lets out a short meow at first, which is apparently some kind of “hello”, and then it goes on with multiple meows. Curious to know what that means? Well, it could actually mean that the cat is excited to see the boy. The boy, of course, meows back, so apparently, they’re both happy to see each other.

The video has been viewed more than 1.4M times as viewers says how adorable they both are, while some of them are trying to “figure out” what they’re talking about.

Watch the video of the super cute pair below and we bet they’ll make your day as they did with ours!

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