Teen sees a bear ready to attack her dog and gets between them

June 4th, 2021

There are things that are brave. Then there are things that are dangerous and should probably be avoided. Sometimes, they’re the same thing.

This was one of those.

When Hailey saw a bear attacking one of her dogs, she didn’t stop to think about it. She rushed into action to save her dog.

How it began

A security camera above their house caught the entire thing.

At first, the scene was almost serene. A brown bear and two of her cubs were carefully walking along a brick wall that ran along the edge of the property. The baby cubs hurried along, following their mother and even walking along between her legs and under her belly where they knew they would be safe.

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Getting dangerous

Then, the dogs in the yard started barking, and the cubs fled back into the shade of the tree they had just come from.

The mama bear stayed on the wall, viciously swatting at one of the larger dogs as they came near. The larger dog avoided her swats and backed away.

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Then the little dogs approached

The family’s smaller dogs started circling and barking as well. The mama bear was already in attack mode and picked one up with the claws of one paw. It wasn’t looking good for the smaller animal.

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Hailey was there

Hailey had been alerted by all the barking. She went to see what was going on. That’s when she saw her pet being lifted up off the ground by the claws of the brown bear.

She ran so fast that she was almost a blur on the video.

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She went right up to that mama bear, facing the claws and teeth, and pushed the bear in her chest until she fell back and slide down the other side of the wall.

A fast rescue

As the bear was still falling, Hailey was rounding up the dogs, picking up one of the smaller ones, and hurrying them all back inside.

The bear was already climbing back up the wall as Hailey and the dogs ran back inside.

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Thankfully, by that point, the bear’s focus was back on her cubs. She climbed into the tree to get them, leaving Hailey and the dogs alone.

It all happened so quickly, and then it was over.

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The reaction

After seeing the video, Hailey’s family had mixed emotions. They were proud of her for being so brave, but they were also scared for her and told her to never ever do that again. It was an understandable reaction to seeing the video!

No fame was necessary!

As for people on the internet, they naturally shared and liked the video. It’s been seen nearly half a million times on Instagram and even more on TikTok. It has officially gone viral.

The aftermath

Amazingly, Hailey is fine. We would expect her to have some scratches from the bear, but she doesn’t. She did manage to scrape her knees and sprain one finger. That’s not bad, considering the real risk she had faced.

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Do you need to see the shocking moment for yourself?

Check out the video below.

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