Cat with split-colored face becomes dad to kittens with each of his colors

June 29th, 2020

Cats have some of the most unique colorings of any animal on earth. From the big cats like tigers to the small domesticated ones, it is easy to see why people wanted to keep them around, if not just to look at them. Different breeds are known for different things, but almost universally, each cat has an incredible and unique coat that makes it special.

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Narnia is a cat that came to fame in 2018 for his special face.

The face is the moneymaker, right? Well, Narnia is bringing in the dough because he has one of the coolest color patterns ever seen on a cat. If cats had professional models, Narnia would be top dog (cat?).

The unique part about Narnia is his split face.

Besides the striking blue eyes that Narnia has, this fluffball has a face with two different colors split right down the middle! The left side of his face is a dark black color and the right side is a light gray. The contrast is stunning and gives a royal air to the cat.

Stephanie Jiminez is his owner and was shocked when she saw his face.

When Narnia was born, she knew right away that he was a special cat. From the facial features to his attitude, Narnia was one of a kind. She said:

โ€œWhen Narnia was born I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional

Narnia has taken on quite a bit of responsibility recently. He became a dad!

With Narnia being such a good-looking cat, it only seems reasonable to assume that his kids will be as well. After seeing his two kittens, though, nobody really questions if the kids are his or not. They both take after different sides of their dad!

In an interview, Stephanie detailed how Narnia was doing as a father.

The royal cat is used to fame so all of this attention is normal for him. Thankfully he is a wonderful dad and loves to play with them often.

โ€œNarnia is very well and he loves playing with his kittens.โ€

The two kittens have each taken after a different aspect of their dad.

Prada and Phoenix are the siblings that Narnia helped father. When you look at them, it’s obvious who they take after. Prada and Phoenix are each the solid color of one side of their dad’s face. Their mother is just as beautiful as Narnia is so there is a good chance that these two parents have made some beautiful babies as they grow up.

Stephanie is a cat breeder and has produced some wonderful cats.

Narnia’s eyes are stark blue but it is very uncommon to have a solid body with those eyes. While Narnia doesn’t have the special gene, some of his other kids do! The gene is called “ice” and it allows the cat to have perfectly blue eyes as well as a non-multicolored body and coat.

Narnia has an Instagram you can keep up with!

You can follow along with Stephanie and Narnia on Instagram. You can also find some pictures of Narnia’s kittens that he has fathered over the years. He is one lovely dad!

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Source: Bored Panda, Instagram