‘Lost cat’ was found right by his very own ‘missing cat’ poster

January 29th, 2020

Yet another piece of photographic evidence has emerged that cats are total jerks who enjoy torturing humans.

Now, we love cats, but they can be exasperating – partly because they appear to be sneakier and even smarter than us sometimes.

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@RAC/Twitter Source: @RAC/Twitter

Take, for example, this cat, whose photo was posted 5 years ago on the social media platform Reddit by a user who said their friend had been walking past a house one day when he noticed this:

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kodibramble/Reddit Source: kodibramble/Reddit


Well, the good news is that the cat is not missing. Or, at least, it’s no longer missing.

Perhaps the owner forgot to take down the sign.

Since we don’t know anything else about the photo, it could be the case that the owner had multiple cats that look the same, although the markings on the beast beside the sign are suspiciously similar to those in the sign’s photo.

Over the years, commenters have come up with countless theories (some more hairbrained than others) about the cat’s “disappearance,” but the most likely scenario is that the cat was simply hiding too well for the owner to find it and they assumed it went missing. Cats love hiding!

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Pexels Source: Pexels

We don’t know how long the cat was “gone” before the sign was made, so there’s no telling if they had further evidence, such as an untouched food bowl or litter box.

What we do know is that this isn’t the first time a seemingly sarcastic feline has been caught in such a position.

In 2013, the UK newspaper Metro posted a similar-looking photo of a cat in the same window as it’s “Missing” poster that had been uploaded to the photo-sharing platform Imgur.

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Metro UK Source: Metro UK

Of course, because it’s the Internet, some commenters refused to laugh it off, criticizing the owner for not looking hard enough for their cat before declaring it “missing.” Apparently, people are quite triggered by lost cat posters.

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Pxfuel Source: Pxfuel

Now, granted, we feel sad any time we hear about a missing pet, but not enough to get worked up over a photo.

In fact, either or both photos could have easily been pranks pulled by the owners of the houses. In that case, we should probably all learn to have a better sense of humor about things like this.

But if that weren’t enough, people also got upset that perhaps the cat was unhappy in its home and that’s possibly why it hid within the house. Cats do tend to hide when they’re feeling anxious. Then again, these people probably need a better hobby than getting worked up over a photo about which they know absolutely none of the backstory.

Even if the cat had flat-out run away due to being stressed, it clearly returned. In fact, both cats look perfectly content (insofar a cat can look any other way than 1) sleeping, 2) about to sleep, 3) about to murder, 4) angry but too lazy to do anything about it, and 5) neutral/bored/full of disdain for humans).

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Flickr Source: Flickr

But, frankly, if cats could read, they would TOTALLY be the type of creatures to sit next to their own missing signs on purpose – but not to make it easier to locate them, rather just because they’re jerks. Fluffy, loveable little jerks.

Judging from both the photos above and the shots taken for the posters, cats really enjoy sitting in windows, especially if they can hide behind blinds and curtains.

Perhaps that’s the first place to check for your missing cat.

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Source: Bored Panda, Metro UK, Reddit