Lost dog runs up to woman on ‘birthday getaway’ and asks for her help
The dog was found wandering around with a collar in a gas station.
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Birthday surprises are the best kind of birthday gift, but Brianna Hagood got a little extra surprise during her weekend getaway.

Her husband Tyler decided to surprise her with a weekend getaway as a birthday present, but they were both completely unprepared for what they found along the way.

TikTok Screenshot
TikTok Screenshot

That surprise’s name is Blu. The couple were ready to start their relaxing trip and stopped at a fast-food drive-thru to grab a bite on the way.

While ordering their food, Brianna spotted a collarless dog wandering around the parking lot.

Brianna just couldn’t resist and was fully prepared to turn her mini birthday vacation into a rescue mission.

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“I looked at Tyler and said, ‘BABE!’” Brianna told The Dodo. “He looked and me and said, ‘No, honey, let’s just go to the beach.’ As he continued to the window, I slightly raised my voice in excitement, remembering, ‘I can save that dog if I want to because it’s my birthday!’ The cashier opening the window looked shocked at first, then looked at Tyler and said, ‘She should save that dog. It’s her birthday and it’s been here all morning!’ That was all the encouragement I needed.”

Since Brianna had both birthday rights AND the drive-thru worker’s approval… it was a done deal.

The dog was totally game too.

He was wagging his tail as he walked straight up to Brianna when she got out of the car. Brianna knew that her new “goodest boy” friend was interested in coming with her.

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“Tyler got our food and pulled out of the drive-through and parked the car next to where I was sitting with the goodest boy,” Brianna said. “I opened the car door and asked if he wanted to come in, and before I finished asking, he had jumped in my car and was sitting down … There was never a decision for me. When I got out of my car, I knew I was not leaving this pup on the side of the road.”

Before whisking their new friend away, the Hagoods stopped at a few businesses in the area to see if the dog had an owner or what his deal was.

The only thing known about the dog was that he wandered over into the area that morning.

Before reaching the hotel, the Hagoods decided to stop by the vet to see if the dog was microchipped. Blu wasn’t microchipped so the couple brought him along on their beach vacation.

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But not without stopping at the store to get him some supplies.

Thankfully they had already booked a dog-friendly hotel room since they had originally planned to bring their new puppy along.

But Tyler had one rule. The dog could join them in the hotel ONLY if he didn’t get on the bed. It was a rule that he ended up breaking himself.

“When I walked out of the bathroom, Tyler had invited the pup onto the bed and he was snuggling with him … Although this may not have been his ideal weekend, he knew it was mine, and he knew I would not have had a good time if I was worried about a pup,” Brianna said.

Blu joined the couple for the rest of their trip. He even got to enjoy a boat ride. Blu fit in perfectly as if the Hagoods had always been his parents.

TikTok Screenshot
TikTok Screenshot

But the couple later learned that Blu actually had a family of his own. Thanks to a post Brianna made on Facebook, she was able to reunite Bluewith his real family.

Brianna was sad to say goodbye but happy to reunite Blu with his real family when she dropped him off on her way home.

Blu had escaped from his yard when the family was at work. Much to Brianna’s delight, Blu’s parents ended up asking her to adopt him since Blu kept escaping. They knew he would have a better life with Brianna.

TikTok Screenshot
TikTok Screenshot

“Blu came to our home on Thursday, and he fits right in,” Brianna said. “He stays right by my hip at all times … He is the bestest boy, and we love him.”

They, of course, immediately agreed to take Blu and ended up naming him Snoopy. And that’s how the Hargoods found their latest family member.

Check out a video of Blu (now renamed Snoopy below)!

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