Family Gives Elderly Woman Present With Cats Inside - Now Wait, The Real Reaction Is Coming

October 26th, 2017

Each year there are countless Christmas wish lists from children that beg Santa for a pet, like a puppy or a pony.

However, those wishes don’t only extend to children.

Those who are young at heart also know the true joy of having a tiny furry face love and depend on you.

One family knew that grandma possessed this type of beautiful heart and decided that they would surprise her with a furry friend of her own for Christmas.

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The best part is that they caught her precious reaction on video. A video which has gone viral and has more than half a million views on YouTube.

The video starts with the white-haired woman dressed festively in a Christmas sweater and red and green necklace placing her gift of slippers onto the floor.

She is then passed a loosely closed box with a snowman on it.

You can see the box move a little bit but she doesn’t notice. There is one thing, however, that she does notice.

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“Oohhhh, it’s heavy,” she says with some excitement.

At this point, she has absolutely no clue that her new best friend is in that box. She lifts the box then shrieks and jumps back a bit as a little black kitty face pops out from inside of the box.

Then her face changes completely.

She cries out with joy and bends her body over the box to hug her new kitty. She holds the kitty and weeps happy tears over it.

“It’s a…,” she says overwhelmed and unable to get the words out as someone pulls away the box so that the kitty can sit in her lap.

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“Is that a black rat?” someone in the background jokes.

“I’ve always wanted a…” she says still unable to articulate her feelings.

She pets her new kitty who looks perfectly content in grandma’s lap.

“Oh, my darling,” coos grandma stroking her new kitty. “Oh, my!”

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Looks like whoever got her those slippers was definitely outdone. I mean, how can you beat the gift of a new best friend?

From the looks on grandma’s face, that may have been the best gift she has ever gotten.

And her children who gave her the kitty cat definitely knew that they nailed it with this gift!

Though the gift was an incredibly sweet gesture, grandma’s reaction is even sweeter. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

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Source: Long Nguyen