German circus avoids animal cruelty by using holograms rather than live animals

October 28th, 2020

Have you ever been to the circus?

Well, welcome to the Circus Roncalli.

They’ve been wowing crowds with trained animals since 1976.

These days, this particular German circus is changing the game. They’ve brought a new type of humanity to the job!

In fact, they’ve retooled their entire circus formula, making a huge splash in the industry.

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

Instead of using real animals, they use virtual ones!

Documentaries like Blackfish have taught us so much about the plight of entertainment industry animals over the years.

Circus Roncalli put their foot down, taking a strong stance against animal cruelty within the industry.

In fact, they went as far as to remove live animals from their performances completely.

But they do still have animals!

Did I mention that they have elephants?

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

Masterful visual effects and hologram technology creates these creatures from digital scrap. The degree of detail in each image is off the charts!

Circus Roncalli has transcended the circus, positing a new form of entertainment, altogether. It’s all the fun of the circus minus any animal cruelty!

Plus, they’re so realistic! I wonder where hologram technology’s going to be in a few years.

Here’s a closer look:

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

The featured animals do all sorts of things, including performing gravity-defying tricks.

The holograms even change colors!

Most real animals certainly can’t do that!

Well, chameleons can… but so can this elephant!

What do you think about this hue of blue?

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

The elephant performs a myriad of mindbending tricks to a captivated audience. They’re literally watching the hologram of an elephant perform stunts!

That’s downright ridiculous. Shoutout 21st century!

So what’s Circus Roncalli’s secret?

How do they create these realistic, detailed images? Surely there’s some fascinating technology behind this, right?

Thankfully, the YouTube description has all the answers:

“Bluebox successfully installed 11x ZU850 Optoma models and 11x BX-CTA03 lenses to create a truly amazing circus holographic experience.”

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

Watch the horses run wild. They look elegant and mythical! And there’s a certain peace of mind in knowing these aren’t real horses.

In an industry that features forced labor from other animals, Circus Roncalli turned an ethical dilemma into a cutting edge marvel!

Turns out, Circus Roncalli has much, much more than just elephants and horses. With such powerful technology at their fingertips, the possibilities are limitless!

Just check out this giant goldfish!

Holograms may not be the real thing, but they offer so much flexibility (and humanity)!

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YouTube/Optoma EMEA Source: YouTube/Optoma EMEA

Fortunately, it seems there’s an increased interest in social justice and animal rights these days. More and more, humans are finding flaws in the way they treat other organisms and nature, in general.

Even now, the United Kingdom’s considering legislation banning wild animals from traveling circuses. Animal cruelty should be abolished across the board!

The members of Circus Roncalli took it on themselves to change their philosophy for the good of the realm.

In doing so, they transcended the circus altogether!

Now, they’re the hottest gig in town!

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Pexels/Vidal Balielo Jr. Source: Pexels/Vidal Balielo Jr.

Old artforms continue to adapt in light of new social norms. That’s completely natural and even necessary sometimes. Change yields new opportunities and different perspectives.

Change can be good.

Circus Roncalli took the circus format and expanded on it with mindbending, holographic animals.

They’re changing the game for good.

Anyway, what do you think of traveling circuses? Are you passionate about animal rights? Where do you stand on holograms in the circus?

Circus Roncalli offers all the fun of a common circus and so much more!

Check out their cutting edge performance in the video player below!

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