Teen notices lost dog while pumping gas then spots a message on his collar
The dog was at the gas station alone, so Tyler assumed he was lost. But the pooch's unique I.D. tag explained it all.
Elijah Chan

A young man thought this dog was lost until he read his collar.

Twitter - @Not_Twil
Twitter - @Not_Twil

19-year-old Tyler Wilson was at a gas station near his home in Kentucky when he stumbled upon a seemingly random dog. He was pumping gas when a Labrador walked up to greet him. The curious dog was not afraid, anxious, or neglected. But even so, he appeared to be unattended.

Twitter - @Not_Twil
Twitter - @Not_Twil

This sparked Wilson’s curiosity.

“I’ve seen the dog a couple of weeks before around that area,” Wilson tells The Dodo. “So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like, ‘This dog has been lost for a while.'”

Like any responsible citizen who comes across a seemingly lost pet, Wilson checked the dog’s collar. At that moment, he was glad that he did.

The collar contained a hilarious and adorable surprise.

Instead of contact details of his owner, the wandering dog’s collar simply said:

“My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Twitter - @Not_Twil
Twitter - @Not_Twil

“Once I saw it, we both looked at each other and I knew he was OK,” says Wilson to The Dodo. “It was so cute.”

And while the collar said that he can tell Dew to go home, Wilson couldn’t just let Dew’s adventures end there. Instead, Wilson took the time to introduce himself to this adventurous furry friend. He petted him and hugged him. He didn’t even mind that he got a little wet from the rain.

Twitter - @Not_Twil
Twitter - @Not_Twil

As it turns out, Dew is some sort of a local celebrity in the area.

Even if Dew lives in a plot measuring 70 acres, he still longs to see what lies beyond his fences. His family explained that he loves to roam around and meet new people.

According to BuzzFeed News, the gas station where he met Wilson is actually at the end of his owners’ property.

As an adventurer, he has frequent stopovers and hangout spots.

Dews has his map pretty marked out including the local firehouse, a nearby school, and the lawns of his neighbors. His family said that the firehouse guys love him so much that he’s even been on rides with them.

The neighbors are extremely generous too.

They cook extra food if they feel like Dew will show up. Extra steak or extra hamburgers are common and we know that Dew loves them just the same.

At one point, Dew even helped a neighbor through a challenging time. Dew’s mom told Buzzfeed News that he walked up to her when she was crying then consoled her.

Some people are worried about his adventures, however.

But Dew’s family assured everyone that he’s safe. Dew is chipped and his collar has a GPS tracker. He also doesn’t go as far out and is always home before dinner.

To help his fans keep up with his adventures, he has his own Facebook page.

The page shows a collection of photos to update his fellow adventurers where he’s been, what he’s doing, and what new place he’s discovered.

It’s a big world out there but Dew doesn’t mind at all.

He’s willing to give it a go as long as he sees new places and meets new friendly faces.

So if you happen to spot him, don’t forget to say hello. And if it’s still early, don’t tell him to go home just yet.

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.