Incredible Safari Tour Video Shows An Elephant Giving Birth

March 23rd, 2018

Have you ever seen an elephant in real life? Some of us may have seen these animals at the zoo (and maybe rarely some of us have actually been on safari), but for the most part, these creatures remain a mystery to us. At the very least, we don’t often see elephants in their natural state and see what they’re like when we’re not around. Learning more about them is always a rewarding experience.

That’s why one clip showing a herd of elephants in their natural environment has spread around the internet.

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facebook.com/Tambuzi Source: facebook.com/Tambuzi

One recent video loaded to Facebook by Tambuzi Safaris shows actual footage of a wild elephant birth!

The company is a travel agency which specializes in day trips and overnight camping in Hoedspruit in South Africa as well as related eco-tourism related practices. As the clip begins, everyone stops to watch a mother elephant slightly hunched over as a mixture of rain and sleet falls outside. After a moment, she lurches forward and arches her head up to the sky.

Sure enough, all the passengers on the safari can see as a full baby elephant falls out of her!

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facebook.com/Tambuzi Source: facebook.com/Tambuzi

Amidst all the cameras flashing, the baby elephant struggles to get its footing and stumbles down the hill.

The elephant trumpets and goes after it, walking over it to protect it. Still, the most amazing thing is what happens next. After one elephant starts trumpeting, so does another one—and after that, another one! Soon, the entire herd of elephants has gathered around the newborn baby and are blasting cries of celebration up into the sky. Everyone huddles around in both support and protection of the newborn.

Fortunately, the people on the safari that day were there to witness the entire miracle in person!

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facebook.com/Tambuzi Source: facebook.com/Tambuzi

The video was posted on the company’s Facebook page and has since been viewed more than 18 million times.

Although the miracle of birth is always incredible to witness no matter what the circumstances, this elephant birth ceremony has truly taken the internet by storm. Above everything, the clip helps remind us that we share this planet with other animals, even if we don’t spend much time thinking about them. Just like us, bringing a new life into the world is a sacred occasion that demands celebration. Whenever we can see these events happen firsthand, we can gain a deeper insight into the world around us.

Congratulations to the new mom—and congratulations to everyone who was there in person that day to see it!

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Wild Elephant gives birth

Wild Elephant gives birth and then the rest of the herd celebrates! Absolutely amazing!

Posted by Tambuzi Safaris on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Source: FaithTap, Facebook/Tambuzi Safaris