Wedding Couple Caught Off Guard When Dog Unexpectedly Joins 1st Dance

February 6th, 2020

Watching a bride and groom exchange wedding vows is always beautiful, but let’s face it, the reception is usually where all the fun takes place. On top of the food, dancing, and lots of “cheersing” – you can usually expect some other entertaining moments as well.

During a wedding in Arlington, Washington, the guests were treated to an unforgettable scene while watching the couple’s first dance. Typically, the dance is strictly for the newlyweds. That’s why it became a viral moment when they let a special family member join them…their dog!

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Many people view their animals as more than just their pets, they’re members of the family. This is how Seth and Nicole Funden feel about their Labrador, Eva.

Back when the couple decided to tie the knot, it wasn’t a huge shock that Eva was invited to the event, according to guest Selena Mercedes. In fact, all the people in attendance were aware of Seth and Nicole’s close bond with their dog.

Mercedes explained to The Dodo:

“They both spend so much time with Eva. They take her everywhere they go.”

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Facebook/Nicole Funden Source: Facebook/Nicole Funden

On the couple’s big day, Eva was adorably at the front while they said “I do” during their outdoor ceremony.

After the nuptials, everyone settled in for a good time at the reception. Little did anyone know though that it was about to turn extra-sweet.

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The first dance between a bride and groom is a tradition that a lot of couples honor. However, that doesn’t mean they always turn out the same.

While many newlyweds still opt for a slow song and dance – the internet is packed of videos featuring couples surprising guests with energetic choreographed routines. Now, this isn’t what the Fundens did for their first dance, but what happened was just as surprising.

In the video below, Seth and Nicole are beautifully dancing to their song all alone as husband and wife. When they spot their precious Eva standing nearby they decide to wave her over.

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They begin petting their dog right there in the middle of the song, then act upon a spontaneous idea. Seth and Nicole invite Eva to jump up and join them in the dance!

The labrador stands on her hind legs with her parents each holding onto a paw. For a short while, they slowly dance together as a happy family to the tune, “From the Ground Up,” by Dan + Shea. Eva’s tail can be seen wagging the entire time! It’s beyond adorable and a moment they’ll never forget.

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Even the guests loved watching the trio’s unexpected dance. Mercedes told The Dodo:

“It was the sweetest thing. I had no idea it was going to happen. It brought tears to my eyes.”

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Not only was it a unique first dance perfect for the Fundens – the video went viral and the story made headlines.

When FOX 29 posted a clip of the event on Facebook, many viewers left comments such as:

“Even their fur baby is happy for them. How lovely”

Someone else commented:

“She felt the love between the humans. She’s like I gotta get me sum lovin too”

It’s a first dance that simply melts your heart. You can watch it for yourself below!

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Source: Storyful, The Dodo, FOX29