Concerned dog patiently waits and watches his favorite toy undergo 'lifesaving surgery'
He was very worried about his toy. 🥹
Gianella Argao

An intensely adorable video was posted by a Facebook user named Hayley Alaxanian. It’s a video of her dad meticulously “operating” on a broken toy as a dog watches in utter worry and concern.

Leo, an adorable golden doodle, unintentionally tore a hole in his beloved toy, a brown plush animal that he always carries around. Of course, the dog loves his family, but he has a special eye for this tiny brown plushie.

Leo was beyond devastated.

“It is his favorite toy,” Leo’s human, Hayley, shared.

Leo accidentally tore a hole through the plush toy while playing with it as he always does, exposing its soft, white stuffing. He knew it was his fault but there was nothing he could do to save his favorite thing.

Hayley’s dad knew Leo was desperate.

Fortunately, Hayley’s father was around when it occurred. Leo seemed to be really devastated, thinking he might have officially lost his favorite toy.

Facebook - Hayley Alaxanian
Facebook - Hayley Alaxanian

“[My dad] took the toy away from him and put it away so he couldn’t reach it, but he was crying and trying to reach for it,” Hayley recounted. “That’s when my dad decided to get his sewing kit out and started sewing it back together.”

He was determined to help the poor dog.

Leo looked incredibly concerned for his buddy during the impromptu “surgical operation” that he never once left his side. He was just there patiently watching and waiting the entire time Hayley’s father was repairing the broken toy.

He was like a best buddy waiting for the surgeon to save his friend’s life. Leo even smooched his arm once as if to warn him not to handle his prized plushie carelessly.

Facebook - Hayley Alaxanian
Facebook - Hayley Alaxanian

Leo waited patiently.

Dad was unprepared to handle the situation, but after a short while, the toy was fixed perfectly. The brown plushie is now whole again and Leo’s favorite toy is now back!

“That is the first time I’ve seen him sew a dog toy together,” Hayley remarked about his father.

Hayley’s dad undoubtedly loves the dog.

He clearly went out of his way to save the dog from his fear of losing his favorite toy. He wasn’t the type to get a sewing kit up but he did for his beloved boy.

Leo, who had previously been anxious, was now pleased to learn that his friend would be okay. The dog and his toy were then joyfully reunited to stay together for good, thanks to the wonderful and thoughtful effort of Hayley’s dad.

Leo will undoubtedly exercise greater caution when playing with his beloved plush animal. We are sure that he has now learned his lesson and will make sure to handle the toy with care! But Hayley knows she can always rely on her dad to save the day if such an accident reoccurs.

“It is the sweetest thing ever,” she fondly and thankfully said.

Check out the video below to witness Leo watch his favorite buddy’s “surgical operation.”

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By Gianella Argao
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