If you own a cat, you know they’re not particularly subtle about asking for attention. Sure, they like to pretend they are. Cats are dignified, so they play like it’s a coincidence they’re walking on your face. But we can see through all those games, and we know that they’re attention hogs.

Whenever their owners are doing anything, cats want to be right in the thick of the action. Have you ever tried playing a board game as a cat owner? It is only a matter of time before your kitty meanders over and lays down on the board, knocking all the pieces aside. They don’t care what destruction they cause. They just want to be where you are.

And when it comes to reading …well, you see a time to relax with a book. To a cat, you’re not occupied, and that empty lap means you’re ready to snuggle. And if you’re not? Well, you should be.

Simply put, forget everything else. You should always be ready to snuggle with a feline friend. At least, that’s what they think. Here are 45 cats, determined to interrupt their owners’ reading time.