Bindi Irwin’s 2-month-old daughter made a furry new friend

June 7th, 2021

If you have kids, you know how exciting it is to celebrate every milestone in their life. From the day of their birth up to their birthdays, it’s always fun to celebrate them.

Of course, every parent has a different way to mark their kids’ special day.

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This adorable couple – Bindi Irwin And Chandler Powell – had a unique and super cute celebration as their daughter turned 2 months old.

They shared it on Instagram, and as expected, it has gone viral – who doesn’t want to see the late Crocodile Hunter’s granddaughter?

Powell posted a photo with Bindi, their little one Grace Warrior, and an adorable koala.

“2 months old We have had lots of smiles, the best giggles and we’ve met a koala! We love you, Grace Warrior,” he wrote in the post.

The photo is so cute that it can brighten up your day and make you smile. The comments from their followers show just that.

“Ah, they look like they’re getting along pretty well. Happy 2 months of being in the outside world, Grace Warrior,” one person said.

And I agree that it looks like Grace was having a great time with her parents and the koala. Of course, Bindi and Chandler are always the happiest when they’re out and about in nature.

The way the koala looked at the little baby also did not go unnoticed.

“The way koala bear looking at the princess,” another commenter wrote.

If you wonder if Baby Grace could really see the koala, it’s possible, because according to Kids Health, babies tend to be nearsighted at two months as their vision is still developing.

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So, there’s a high chance that Grace has seen the face of the koala when she and her parents were close to it. It’ll just take some time before she’s able to name her various zoo animals.

Once Grace’s vision has fully developed, she would surely see more wild animals at the Australia Zoo (which is owned by Bindi’s family).

It looks like it has been a monthly tradition for Grace to be introduced to wild animals. Last month, they celebrated her first month in this world with two star tortoises around her.

She was even wearing khakis just like what her parents always wear. I can already imagine the three of them hanging out in the zoo in their khakis. That would really be amazing.

If you’re a fan of Chandler and Bindi, you know that they met in 2013 in the same place.

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Wakeboarder Chandler came to the Australia Zoo for the national wakeboarding competition. Amazingly, Bindi posted about it on that day with a photo of her and her now-husband.

“Legendary wakeboarder Chandler Powell and his beautiful family came into @AustraliaZoo yesterday. Wonderful Wildlife Warriors!”

It turns out that was the start of their beautiful love story. Who would have thought that they already have a little daughter now?

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It’s just a remarkable love story that has long been admired by many. For sure, many of us look forward to seeing more of this awesome family.

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