Baby monkey cries out in joy when he reunites with his foster parents

January 6th, 2021

It’s a constant battle for survival out in the wild, and only the fittest will live out their indented life span. So if a baby is born into the world with an illness or an obvious handicap, then sadly, they will often be rejected by their mothers.

Apparently, “Natural selection has meant that animal mothers reject the weaker offspring to ‘prevent predation by other species and give longevity to their own, bolstering generations of animals to come.”

It takes a lot of effort for a mom to raise a baby out in the wild. She needs to find extra food and water, as well as pay attention to keeping her baby safe. So if the offspring seems like too much trouble to keep alive, then the mom’s thoughts have to turn to her own survival.

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When Limbani the chimp was born with pneumonia, like so many other sick babies, he was sadly rejected by his mother.

Luckily, a Florida rescue team was quick on the scene, and they took him to foster carers Jeorge and Tania. The couple cared for the chimp as if he was their own baby, feeding him round the clock and teaching him how to do things for himself.

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When the time came and he was old enough to be taken to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, it was heartbreaking for Jeorge and Tania to leave him. But they knew that they were always welcome to come and visit him whenever they liked.

One of those special visits was caught on camera and shared on YouTube by 1010 Wins. The video, which has over 2 million views, features Limbani’s emotional reaction as he is reunited with his foster parents again.

Get your tissues ready, because this is some emotional stuff.

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As Jeorge walks over to Limbani, the little chimp instantly recognizes his dad. Jeorge and Tania have been the only parents that Limbani has ever known, and it’s clear that he’s very attached to them.

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The sweet chimp can’t hold in his joy as he sees Jeorge. He immediately jumps up and puts his arms around his dad, and you can see just how much he’s missed him. It’s then time for Limbani and Tania to embrace, and the moment is just as heartfelt as it was with Jeorge.

People all over the world were touched by the special moment, and took to the YouTube comments to express their love for the video:

“Folks there are still some beautiful and pure things in this world and this is a perfect example . Thank you for this video.”
“In the middle of the night, am watching this and crying. He’s just a toddler who is excited to see his parents coming home ❤️”
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“When I saw him grabbing his step dad and then step mom I was literally speechless. My goodness he is so adorable.”
“I can’t imagine how it would feel like actually getting hugged by an animal. With dogs we only interpret their yelping and running around as “love” but to actually get a hug from an animal, wow.”

You can check out what the sweet chimp gets up to every day on his Instagram account, and don’t forget to watch the adorable video below!

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