15 times cat owners shared adorably hilarious photos of 'Teefies'

April 27th, 2021

Cats are known not only for their claws but also their teeth. They use them to bite, gnaw, and chomp whatever they can get their paws on, most often their owner’s hand. One of the best places to find hilarious pictures of cats showing off their teeth is on Reddit.

Here are some cat owners who can’t get enough of their cat’s teefies.

1. The smallest of smiles

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Reddit – Myurnix Source: Reddit – Myurnix

This cat is so tiny, but he more than makes up for it with his smile. He seems to be very proud of his teeth.

2. Rawr!

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Imgur – PiercedViking Source: Imgur – PiercedViking

When you mix a cat and a snake, this is what you get. I wonder if you could get any venom out of those fangs?

3. Say cheese!

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Reddit – Fluorenone Source: Reddit – Fluorenone

This cat seems to be awfully proud of his smile. The fact that he seems to be able to smile on command shows how smart he is.

4. Angry cat

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Reddit – fartbox_fever Source: Reddit – fartbox_fever

You can’t blame this cat for being angry. His owner keeps taking his picture. Can’t a cat get a little privacy?

5. First teeth

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Reddit – Noname_Maddox Source: Reddit – Noname_Maddox

What a cute little kitty. He looks so innocent, sleeping with his first teefs showing.

6. Gargoyle

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Reddit – blackcat0722 Source: Reddit – blackcat0722

Even though this little fluff, named Gargoyle, had most of his teeth removed, he is still cute as a button. And he knows it too.

7. Derpy smile

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Reddit – icant-chooseone Source: Reddit – icant-chooseone

How sweet this cat looks. And his smile is so cute even if it is a little derpy looking.

8. Faulty Sink

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Reddit – losersneverdie Source: Reddit – losersneverdie

When your sink isn’t working right and spits out a cat. Good thing the fluffy cat is cute as a button.

9. Snarl

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Reddit – chahud Source: Reddit – chahud

Is this cat smiling or snarling? Kinda hard to tell. He sure loves showing his teeth regardless of what he is doing.

10. Perfection

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Reddit – zoexvx Source: Reddit – zoexvx

This cat is the epitome of a black cat. It is like he is getting ready for Halloween. If so, he has his part down perfectly.

11. Vampire cat

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Instagram – elfie_gimli Source: Instagram – elfie_gimli

Here is a hilariously accurate painting of a cat named Loki. They even put him in his own little vampire costume in the painting.

12. Pumpkin lover

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Reddit – r/teefies Source: Reddit – r/teefies

This cat really likes pumpkins or the stems at least. Maybe he just likes to pick them up with his teeth.

13. Biting the hand that feeds you

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Twitter – @Postize Source: Twitter – @Postize

You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds you? Don’t, unless you are a cutie like this cat.

14. Wispy kitty

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Reddit – imoqua Source: Reddit – imoqua

This kitty has so many wispy hairs. Regardless of his wayward hairs, he is still a happy cat.

15. So proud of her teeth

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Reddit – Bmartens34 Source: Reddit – Bmartens34

Look at this little floof. He is so happy, even though he only has two teeth.

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